We trust doctors to tell us what will work for our well-being, and what won’t.

Without them, we are often left guessing.

Since many people are still figuring out what CBD is and what it’s used for, we’re in need of guidance from our trusted medical professionals now more than ever.

One of the major misconceptions about CBD is that it’s an intoxicant.

It isn’t.

CBD is often confused with its sister, THC which does have psychoactive properties.

It’s important to know that CBD will NOT make you high like THC will. 

Thousands of people with chronic and severe conditions are looking to CBD oil as an alternative to traditional treatments and/or pharmaceuticals—often without any medical guidance. 

This is due to the fact that doctors often feel their hands are tied when it comes to discussing CBD oil with their patients.

Because of a lack of legal clarity, much-needed clinical experiments haven’t been conducted.

Such experiments would give us the scientific evidence of CBD’s benefits, so without them, many doctors are left without back-up.

Policies and perspectives around CBD are beginning to shift and gain traction among a more mainstream audience, however, so doctors and other medical professionals are beginning to feel more comfortable speaking about, and even advocating the use of CBD. 

Keep reading to hear doctors weigh in about the benefits of CBD oil.

Taking CBD for Health Conditions

Because CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system, it has the potential to affect many aspects of a person’s health and wellness.

Although CBD has been approved by the USFDA for certain types of paediatric epilepsies, when it comes to what CBD is officially able to treat, it ends there. 

Without further research, there just isn’t enough evidence on how CBD works with other health conditions.

Recently published survey results showed the most common reasons people reported taking CBD were for pain, anxiety, sleep, and depression.

Countless people claim that CBD oil has improved their quality of life by lessening symptoms related to a vast array of health conditions.

Despite these claims, it’s still important to hear from the medical community.

So, what do doctors have to say about using CBD?

What Doctors Are Saying About CBD

CNN’s multi Emmy award-winning chief medical correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta wrote a 2009 article titled, “Why I Would Vote No on Pot.”

Later, he changed his mind and became an outspoken advocate for the use of CBD and medical cannabis after hearing the story of Charlotte Figi whose chronic seizures were controlled with CBD oil.

Today, Dr. Gupta is more widely known for his 2013 article, “Why I Changed My Mind on Weed”, and his subsequent five-part docuseries called “Weed”.

What Doctors Are Saying About CBD

Dr. Orrin Devinsky, director of NYU Langone’s Comprehensive Epilepsy Center, headed studies that ultimately led to the FDA approving the first CBD based medicine, Epidiolex, which is now prescribed for severe types of epilepsy.

“For anyone who consumes CBD,” Dr. Devinsky said, “if it’s taken alone or after a meal that’s high in carbohydrates, you only absorb about four to six percent of the CBD.

Whereas if you take it after a high-fat meal, you can absorb up to 16 to 20 percent.

It’s an enormous difference.

And that could be anything from olive oil to guacamole avocado to a couple of bites of rib-eye steak.

But something with fat in it is going to greatly enhance the absorption, and the value for your dollar.”

Famed researcher, Dr. Ethan B. Russo is known for his extensive knowledge of cannabinoids and is one of the most prolific authors and scientists on the subject.  

Recently, he gave an interview with Project CBD where he described how CBD is thought to boost endocannabinoid system tone and functioning. 

“Cannabidiol is an endocannabinoid modulator,” Dr. Russo said. “In other words, when given chronically it increases the gain of the system, which is, at its core, a homeostatic regulator.

To explain that: homeostasis is a state of balance. Many diseases interfere with a balance in a given system and if we can bring that balance back to where it should be there’ll be an improvement in the overall condition.”

Watch the full video of Dr. Russo’s interview here. 

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